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In Topic: Recommend good groove metal albums

Jun 15 15 - 06:15 AM

I've been wanting to check some out too.


Listened to Pantera again after several years of not listening and remembered how groovy they were.


Metal these days has nothing on it.

In Topic: Football (soccer) season 2014/2015

Jun 15 15 - 03:41 AM

I can see why your frustrated with 2nd place as Juventus had a 17 point lead. Roma has got a bit of a aging squad though...so getting some younger players in might be whats needed.


Roma had a record breaking season last season....but so did The Old Lady.


This season was filled with terrible winter signings, injuries and tactical ineptitude from Rudi Garcia.


Our squad isn't so old, we have plenty of great youth but they never get played.


1st team outfield under 28:










Ibarbo (Please be gone next season)





Players above 30 that get regularly used:


De Sanctis - 38

Totti - 38

Keita - 35

De Rossi - 31

Holebas - 30

Torosidis - 30

In Topic: Fallout 4 Thread

Jun 15 15 - 03:31 AM

The Witcher 3's graphics are pretty damn amazing and a fuckload better than what Fallout 4 looks like.


I'm only going on what I've seen very little of. I thought I'd read that some people were disappointed with The Witcher's graphics

In Topic: Football (soccer) season 2014/2015

Jun 15 15 - 03:22 AM

Just checking in:


I support Roma, so even though we achieved 2nd it was an awful season and I'm glad to see the back of it.


Milan are supposedly looking to MAJORLY overhaul their squad in summer which would be nice. The Milanese clubs have done us a favour recently by being shit, but it's at the expense of the league as a whole.


My girlfriend supports Arsenal so I follow them also, but Roma are my passion.

In Topic: Fallout 4 Thread

Jun 15 15 - 03:20 AM


The Witcher 3 says no.

 The Witcher 3 doesn't have the most amazing graphics though does it?

Also, who really thinks that a game without a release date is going to be 100% finished?