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Be On Stage with Metallica!

May 10 15 - 10:38 AM

Anyone been on with the guys in 2015? How was it?


Or anyone, do you think this would actually be cool? Aren't you basically looking at the guys backs for most part of the show?


Yes, this is probably the closest you can get to the band during the actual show, but I have a hard time deciding whether I would rather see the band from on stage or from the front, as usual.


Whatcha guys think?

Phoenix Theatre Petaluma, CA 8/1/1991

May 03 15 - 09:15 AM

Hi folks
Stumbled upon the fact that Metallica played (warm-up) two shows in Phoenix before they played their first Black Album Festival shows in Europe in 1991.

Hadn't known about this before. Also found a Video of night #1 here:


Imagine seeing Metallica in such a small venue at this point in their career!!


Anyone got any more info or stories about These two shows?