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Gothenburg Video

Aug 30 15 - 05:01 AM

Fly on the wall footage shot by the MetOnTour reporter on August 22, 2015 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Footage includes Lars in the meet and greet, Tuning Room, plus "Battery" from the show.


Bergen Video

Aug 25 15 - 03:24 AM

A happy Tuesday to you from St. Petersburg! We have the Bergen video for you ready to view. Footage includes sound check, Rob and Kirk in the meet and greet, Tuning Room, plus "The Day That Never Comes" from the show. Enjoy!



Lolla Video

Aug 05 15 - 02:22 PM

Are you ready for some MOT footage from Lollapalooza? Well wait no longer! Featured in this video we have Rob, Kirk, and Lars meeting fans in the meet and greet, getting some transitions down in the Tuning Room, and two songs from the show: Wherever I May Roam and Am I Evil. Enjoy!

Vienna Video

Jun 26 15 - 02:10 PM

Coming to you from the "Finally" department, the Vienna video! We have funny segments in both the meet and greet and in the Tuning Room, followed by No Remorse from the show. Enjoy, and we will see you for Lolla in August!

Milan Video

Jun 16 15 - 02:22 PM

Now up for your viewing pleasure, the video from Sonisphere Italy! Footage includes Kirk and Lars in the meet and greet, Tuning Room silliniess, and "Lords Of Summer" from the show. Vienna video will be up soon after the Live Met audio is done.... stay tuned!